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HR & Talent Management Software Solutions

iTalent is an 360 degree HR & Talent management suite which covers all the processes from Employee onboarding till Exit interview. This software is built in line with the international HR standards for Talent and Human Management approach so it will fit in any existing HR ERP legacy system with minimal customization and integration effort.iTalent integrates the dissected functions of HR Management and brings them together to deliver a value to its stakeholders moving from looking at employees as “A RESOURCE” to another era as “A TALENT”. 

  • A module that also helps in Auto-application tracking.
  • A software that helps manage leave application, documents, passport validity etc. as well.
  • It covers career planning, talent acquisition & performance management as well.
  • A software that empowers you with career growth & planning tools.
  • Application Tracking System with CV Parsing auto-bots.
  • A 360 degree Talent Management Software.
  • Workflow management system.
  • Organization Development.
  • Training and E-Learning management.
  • Return on investment view across all HR functions.
  • Increase Employee Engagement.
  • Establish Talent acquisition, development and deployment.
  • Develop Employee value creation.
  • Leadership development through Succession Planning.
  • Strategic alignment with Talent need and development.
  • Advanced Analytics for decision making.
  • Management of competency and incompetency.
  • Smart Workforce planning.
  • Advanced Application Tracking system.
  • Lower employee turnover %.
  • Increase Feasibility: iTalent focuses on the core of any organization vision, mission and feasibility by focusing on employees who are executing these management strategies with an ROI analysis of each function to ensure the achievement of prospected strategy levels, financial, customers and & internal process,  and convert to change any organization as a real enabler to share  shape the future.
  • Increase Efficiency: The iTalent system enables the most critical department, HR, of an organization to become efficient by capturing data from multiple sources enabling smart decision making. The sources includes gathering data points from employee profiles, 360 degree feedback and performance appraisals.
  • Increase Productivity: iTalent helps organization and employees to be productive. The tracking, monitoring and analytics provide real time results of the progress on employee development and its impact on organization growth
 alternate name

The Core HR Management ensures that your Human Resource foundation are strongly build up on which you can develop your talent development structure. Your people, your Greatest Strength we help achieve Organizational Excellency by recognizing, evolving & promoting your own People!!

Different tools/Modules perform different function. Document Management System helps in management of digital documents used to track, manage and store documents. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking).

Transfer Management helps Manage and Track internal movement of staff focusing on Performance, Internal Portal for employee transfer requests etc.

On/Off-boarding helps engage employee from the moment of selection to on or off-boarding the company. Entry interview, Site & Job Specific Induction, Exit Interview, Entry Visa Permit, Process Ticket and Job Profile based Evaluation etc

 alternate name

e-recruitment or online recruitment system, is a multi-component designed to automate and facilitate the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel process.

Main Modules/Functions:

  • Staff Recruitment Plan for the year.
  • Internal Promotion through 9 Box Analysis.
  • Recruitment via employee’s reference.
  • Post in Website can be integrated with company web site.
  • Recruitment process through Agency.
  • Visa Status, Recruitment type, Recruitment under process status, Recruitment Pipe line.
 alternate name

Strategic Talent Management with Talent Searches across a variety of criteria to find the right talent and seamless performance & pay integration providing easy & secure access to pay, performance & other performance related information to make better informed decisions.

This innovative solution streamlines the alignment of organizational goals and objectives by facilitating the continuous dialogue between managers and employees. SMART goals are visible along with supporting development plans to ensure success. Clear expectations are documented during the planning phase to enable the tracking of individual contributions against set goals.

Main Modules/Functions:

  • Job Profile based performance appraisal.
  • Peer to peer Evaluations, 360 Degree Feedback.
  • Staff Growth / improvement / Development planning for Promotion / Training.
  • Career path development.


  • Performance Gap Analysis.
 alternate name

Learning Management Solution enables to manage a vast portfolio of training programs and resources making it easy for managers and employees to create and implement personalized learning programs.  In addition to managing internal training courses and facilities, the solution interfaces with outside vendors, colleges or universities, and other training media.

Main Modules/Functions:

  • Training Management.
  • Assign, monitor and evaluate the impact.
  • Training Evaluations.
  • Analytics
 alternate name

Identify and development internal people with the potential to fill leadership position in the company (Process) Retain and empower your employees with Career Development & Succession Planning solution. This innovative application allows you to effectively manage, motivate and retain your talent. Keep a record of your employees’ profiles, competencies, skills, career aspirations and preferences. Allow them to manage their career paths and development plans, or simply identify high potential employees and groom them to be successors to high-impact positions.

Development of people cannot work in silos; it is an integrated network of various management systems. iTalent has integrated HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that ensures the required synergy is available in organization to move forward with Identification, Development&Retention of Talents and manage the performance of people at optimum level of smart analytics and management automated decisions

iTalent uses the most sophisticated technologies and methodologies available around the globe. Users can benefit from the Business Intelligence tool that is inbuilt, functionalities of HR Shared Services are available for HR to shift from traditional function to transitional function, Gamification for user engagement and a real “ROI” culture on all people management functions.

iTalent embraces the future technologies and keeps pace with the need of organization to be cost effective, user friendly, BI analytics, Cloud and high mobility. The system automates with every existing infrastructure for your go with one click service, Mobile app and integration ready with linked-in API's for available modules

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