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Professional Services

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The world today is moving at a very high speed and the future promises an even more dynamic environment, rendering time an increasingly scarce resource and a luxury that is continuously fading away.

Therefore it is crucial that you are able to communicate your business, marketing, or financial messages to your clients in the most convenient and efficient way possible. Our Mobility Solutions provide you with the luxury of optimising the little time you have every day to reach the largest number of customers in an effective, timely and effortless manner.

Cloud Computing

With the growing need for data storage and backups, hosting such information is becoming an ever-growing challenge. Our Cloud Solutions provide you with a seamless ability to expand you IT environment as your needs grow, thus minimising the hassles of extensive long-term planning and unnecessary investments. Talk to one of our experts to find out the best solution that you can start with and know more about how easy it is to scale up as you expand.



Securing your IT environment is the most crucial element that directly affects your business continuity and your progress both current as well as future. Our Security Solutions are the result of our strategic partnerships with the top security hardware and software providers in the world coupled by a highly trained team of security experts who ensure you receive the piece of mind that you need to focus on your daily operations and plan for the future of you business without worrying about down-times or unnecessary bottlenecks.


Technology is a rapidly changing phenomena and planning for the future is in most cases a tough and unpredictable task for many companies. That is why at Business DNA our design methodology is modular, allowing easy expansion of both our hardware as well as our software solutions. We understand the challenges that face our clients as well as the needs of the future and we use this information to create the optimal solution that ensures value and a high return on their investment.