Company Profile

Business DNA is a new age company established with a clear

vision of the needs & requirements of the future.

Business DNA Satellite Branch – Chandigarh, India

We pride ourselves in our unique ability to always provide our clients with solutions that offer them optimal “value”. At Business DNA we believe that quality, creativity and innovation   do not necessarily mean higher cost.

Therefore, thinking proactively and out-of-the-box, with our clients’ best interests as our top priority, we have established a satellite branch at Chandigarh in India were our core development operations are located. At this facility we have attracted, recruited, and trained some of the most brilliant calibers in the market. We have developed an ergonomically healthy work environment and operate within a strict set of policies and procedures that are governed by international, award-winning standards for development and implementation.

We invest more in order to provide you with top-notch quality that ensures that you receive efficient, practical solutions at an affordable cost in order to optimize the return on any investment that you make with us.